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Is Your Indivduality Complex Valid?

Updated: Oct 11

Just like any other, in fashion, the topic of individuality can be sensitive. I like to call it Fashion Psychology 101. Everyone enjoys the feeling of contentment, thinking “There’s not another like me. I'm born from fabric and scratch.” but how much of that is really true. To avoid influence of any kind is quite difficult but we would feel much more comfortable stating how much influence we’d paste onto others than how much paste has been spread onto ourselves. The desire to stand out is the most complex battle amongst art and industry. Whether that be the amount of hyper fixation information you can store in your staggered brain or how you wear a belt on this overlay outfit, the desire to be different can be beneficial which we’re all aware but couldn't dare to state it aloud in the name of keeping true to differencing yourself. Some argue it’s how you grow and move forward to the titles of iconics and magazine influences. But in all, how much of your individuality is getting in your way? And how much of it is actual signs of delusion..

Morphing Fashion And Individual Identity

Not everyone has this mindset so you may ask yourself, what's so important about expressing myself within what I’m wearing? When it comes to fashion, your personal identity is often the louder statement that determines what choices you’d make for yourself when deciding which pieces are worthy of adding to your sacred closet. That being said, clothing is one if not the biggest reflection of who you express yourself to be, other known as your individual identity marker.

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